Students had a lot of independent work time today in most of my classes. Most classes got the entire period to work on things independently. Days like this are nice because they’re more relaxed. I got to talk to students about life and family and random things without feeling rushed to get back to the math. I got to have a really great conversation with two of my senior guys who need some more personal attention. Most of it was about how to vandalize cars and how far is too far (actual damage, apparently, is too far – good to know!), and it was really fun.


I was standing at my door giving high-fives to fourth period when a student walked up and sighed.

“I wish the sun was really dominant in our room.”

I glanced at the wall of windows and the sunlight pouring into the room. “It’s pretty sunny in here…”

“Yeah, but look over there in the atrium. It’s so bright and warm. It’s just, you know…” *sigh*.

Yes, it was certainly sunnier in the atrium. I glanced back at our room, and then out the door again. “How do you feel about a field trip today?”

His eyes lit up.

After the warmup, I told everyone to collect their things and head outside. They camped out on the grass in the shade of a giant tree and worked all period. I enjoyed the sunshine and answered questions. I’d been a little crabby all morning, and it completely turned my day around.

My class after lunch is an independent study with two students. They had new material to cover, but I grabbed some mini white-boards, told them to bring their notebooks, and we went and sat in the grass. They sat on either side of me, I proved things on the whiteboards, and they worked problems in their notes. One of their friends, who had a free period, came and took a nap in the grass next to us.

I love sunshine.


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