Hell Day

Every cycle of 7 school days, I hit “Day 3” which is officially my Hell Day. Not only do I teach all four of my classes (one of them being the long 90 minute block), but my lunch is taken up by our team meeting. Still, today, there were good things!


At lunch today, there was mashed potatoes with a hint of nutmeg. Heaven.

Our team meeting was cancelled, so I had some found time.

I graded the multivariable calculus tests that my kids took, and they all did well. Some of my favorite things in their answers were that they found a particular equation was a sphere with radius one, which was hashtagged #unitsphere … and we in class renamed monkey saddles as “vountain: or a “malley” [the hybrid of valley and mountain] and two kids used it on their tests. It made me giggle.

In precalculus, even though kids were thrown by sigma notation for summation (and when I said it wasn’t useful at all when solving problems — it’s just a compact way to write series — they got mad), they still endeavored. And our do now was a repeat of a toothpick problem thingie they had done before, and most kids got it! I’ll take the small victories where I get them!

I went to lunch early today, and I picked up two packages that had been delivered for me. My lunch tray with the two packages was unwieldy, but a fellow teacher saw my struggles and went out of her way to bring one of the boxes up for me to my office.

During the 90 minute block, I had advanced geometry. Of my 17 kids in it, 6 super early for sports. Sad face. But after they left, we worked on some cool “Algebrainiac Attack” problems (our way to do algebra review and secretly introduce new ideas) and this particular problem set introduced kids to Pick’s Theorem. One kid said “UGH! MR. SHAH, WHY DIDN’T THEY SHOW THIS TO US IN, LIKE, 5TH GRADE.” Best reaction ever. Kids were also deriving the formula for a trapezoid, and there were two different and great ideas the kids had for it. At the end of class, in the last 15 minutes, we started doing the “star” idea that I had… and many of my kids were really getting into it. And we played good music while we were creating our stars.

At some point today, I showed one of my colleagues/friends an xkcd comic strip about being in a marching band (she was in her high school’s marching band!), and she started SNORTLAUGHING which is the most genuine and awesome form of laughing.


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