Unbelievably Long Day

I should probably say that my one good thing is that today is over. It was one of those soul crushing days when you just want to curl up, cry, and think “I can’t be in this profession much longer! How do people keep doing it without burning out?” It isn’t the amount of work. I’m at school until 7:30, 8, or 9pm every night. That I’m okay with. It’s the emotional and physical drain of feeling like you’re responsible for everyone, making sure everyone is learning, hoping you’re supporting every kid, and feeling crushed when you get indications that you’re not.

So yeah, I survived, and that’s probably the biggest “one good thing.” But I want to really dig deep and remember some nice moments.


I dressed up as a whoopie cushion at school. It’s a costume I’ve had for years and bring out every so often. Some kids said they liked my costume, and a few told me that there was a kid in the school wearing my exact same costume. And I saw him on my way down to lunch. Cramazing!

I met individually with a student who was absent for a few days, and she was very prepared and understood the material that she missed conceptually and could work the algebra.

In Multivariable Calculus, 5 of the 7 students dressed up for Halloween, so I took a group picture of them. They were a robot, a 70s tennis player, a “dad on Sunday morning,” a scientist, and a yellow power ranger. They were awesome.

The Math Club Leaders had a great problem that the kids and I enjoyed working on. I won’t share the answer here (though I will post a Geogebra picture below which indicates some serious hints), but I will give you the question. What is the largest half-circle (semi-circle) that can fit in a square with side length 1?



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