Grading, Visual Sequences, and s-gon-al numbers.

Today I administered a geometry test to my two sections. I gave a colleague $10 to ensure that I would stay at school until they were all graded. I was there until 8:30, but I got ’em all done. Huzzah!


I finished going through a 3D visual sequence thingie I did with my precalculus class last week, while my kids were taking their geometry tests. And I loved what I got from every single student. I have to figure out a way to make this into something more extensive! I have an idea percolating…


Today in precalculus, I talked with my kids about triangular numbers, square numbers, and pentagonal numbers. And then — with nothing else — I told them to find me a general formula for the nth s-gon number. (So the 6th 4-gon number would be the 6th square number… which is 36.) I then gave ’em 30 minutes to work on it. I had a *great* way to get kids who were stuck to “un-stuck” themselves, without giving away too much. It was fun to watch.


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