Before I could get to school, my day started out pretty rough. I had had a weird pregnancy day yesterday (just felt light-headed and not myself all day), and that feeling continued into this morning. Then, when I left my bedroom, my cat was not at the door, ready to greet me. I called for him, but he didn’t answer. I panicked. I finally found him hiding in a closet, not acting like himself at all. 😦 All this to say, I was not quite in the right frame of mind this morning.[1]

In fact, I had totally forgotten that I was to receive a new precalc student first hour. So when the new student walked into class, I was not as prepared as I should have been. Thankfully, my class had my back. 

“Hi! Welcome! Tell me your name,” I asked. 


“Hi, A, I’m Mrs. Peterson. So glad to have you.” I shook his hand. 

“Hi, A!” a couple students volunteered. 

Phew. Thank God for these kids. I about forgot to introduce him to the rest of the people in the room! 

“Oh my gosh. Yes, everyone tell A hello! He’s here all the way from New York!”

“Hi, A!” the whole class cheered. Their welcome was so sincere–as always. I can always count on my kids to make others feel at home and included. Even when my mind isn’t where it should be. My day quickly turned into a better one after that. High schoolers have such a way of reminding you to enjoy what’s in front of you. They’re the best. 
[1] He had a vet appointment tomorrow. Fingers crossed. 


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