Ehh…Day 2

I love to list. Thus,

  • A dominoes activity that I did for direct variation went well
  • A student that I thought was completely clueless to what we were doing was actually working correctly on their own
  • Another student that thought he was completely lost and just randomly completed the activity told me at the end of class that he figured out what he was doing on his own
  • I felt myself ask some good questions today but the one question I’ve noticed most is when students ask me where they messed up I respond with “Tell me what you did first” or “How did you start the problem?”
  • I used the binding machine (whatever it’s called) to make cute booklets for my cheer squad
  • A student has had a complete turn around since I talked to their mom at PT Conferences last week: focused, asking questions, working, checking answers, no longer a distraction.

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