Sunglasses and HO-OH and Being Observed.

  1. A teacher mentioned that in a meeting she had with students, one was wearing a pair of orange sunglasses on his head (not over his eyes). Everyday this year, I’ve worn my regular glasses over my eyes, and a pair of sunglasses on my head. Why? Because it acts like a headband and keeps the hair out of my face! Anyway, this student said “Hey! I’m Mr. Shah!” (or something like that)
  2. Today in geometry, students were trying to come up with words with both vertical and horizontal symmetry. Students were struggling in my other band, and one got super excited when he came up with one. A proper noun that is a pokemon name. He asked if it counted, and I said: why not? So today, when kids were struggling, I mentioned the hint — and the kids EXPLODED trying to figure it out. In my school, this year, Pokemon has become a huge thing. There’s even a super popular club. In any case, it was kinda awesome watching them go a little crazy/rambunctious doing this. One kid almost screamed with excitement when he realized which one it was. (The answer is here, if you care. I don’t know anything about Pokemon.)
  3. Today in geometry, a student saw another student in her group was totally missing the boat on vectors, and so she made him get up, move to sit next to her, so she could explain things to him. It was awesome to see her reach out!
  4. I was observed today (not for evaluative purposes). I was super nervous about it, even though I knew things would be fine. I always forget there is someone in the room when it happens. The kids were just a tad more focused today, and the lesson went well. I wanted things to go faster — I’m behind the other teacher by two days now! — but we got to where we got to. And the kids were making good connections. One super fortuitous thing is that last night, I thought students might have trouble with using their calculator to do some of the calculations. And the mistake I thought they would make was exactly the mistake kids were making. Exactly! I was actually pretty excited about that, because the extra two slides on the smartboard I had about this was perfect for it. I also had done a “do now” which had kids do something that seemed totally unrelated to what we were working on, but then a kid make the connection to what we were doing and shared it with the class. I didn’t have to say anything. Love when that happens! I haven’t debriefed the evaluation, so I don’t know how my department head thought the class went, or her observations. But I left feeling like it was a pretty darn good class.

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