A portrait

I was free last period, and got an email from an art teacher who was having his advanced studio art class paint portraits in 5 minutes and wanted teachers to pose. I volunteered, and those were the most relaxing, calming minutes of my day. Music was playing, I looked up at the far ceiling and started drifting away. Although a dozen pairs of eyes were on me, and I could see confident yet swift movement of their work, I was able to just be in my own world.

And then after 5 minutes I left… and then the art teacher emailed me one of the portraits. Amazing. Unbelievably amazing.



I also sat down with a dean who created a whole computer program/database to manage when kids were signing out of the building during their frees. It was awesome to see it work, and we even discovered a bug that he was able to correct. I love that he took it upon himself to do this side-project (for fun!), and that it turned out so awesomely.


I don’t know why, but I left my geometry class today feeling like it went well. We didn’t do anything special. We didn’t get very far — not as far as I was hoping. But something about it — nothing I can point to — made me feel like it went well.


I had an email exchange with a parent that ended like this:

Me: [stuff] But I will definitely keep you in the loop! And you should always feel free to check in at any time. Deal?

And the parent’s response?

Them: spit! spit! deal!



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