Today in Multivariable Calculus, we held our last Flatland book club. The discussion leader had prepared great questions which generated good conversation, and had us do an activity that involved the class standing in a line, all facing the whiteboard. Then we closed our eyes, and were given people to talk to at various points in the line. We were figuring out what it was like to live in lineland. Ha! Hilarious! And apparently, he took a snapchat video of us looking ridiculous and us attempting to talk to each other with our eyes closed. 🙂

I also asked the students if they’d like to continue on with another book for our book club, and they all said YES and were psyched about it. I wish that I had another book which was just as perfect as this one for the class. Alas! We might have to find a book that is slightly askew to the course topics, but I’m okay with that as long as they’re enjoying the creative side of mathematics.


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