Patty Paper

Last year was the first year I’ve ever worked with patty paper and I only used it for one lesson. I’ve been using it a lot this year and I just really like it. It’s such a tactile visual and a tool that students are not afraid to use. Some student transfer to doing the problems visually without the patty paper but the majority are using it and successfully.

Some of my classes were quite small today because of a BETA club field trip where students went to a nearby university for a leadership summit. They came back at 1:30 and they had a great time. Every student that raved about mention how they were forced to talk to people they didn’t know and it was awkward at first but then they ended up loving it.

Since I had some extra time, I got some things in my classroom {more} organized and pretty and that just makes happy in my heart and peace in my mind.


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