Today I had a LOT of things to get done. One of my classes was taking a test and in my last period class I only had 3 students so I ended up with extra time and got everything done. Yay.

Next week I am doing a chili supper/movie night for a Student Council fundraiser and I was DESPERATE for three chaperones and my go-to people were unavailable. I was worrying about it last night until I convinced myself that everything would fall into place….and it did. Through email and Facebook, I got the situation covered in a matter of minutes.

A student who has a (seemingly self-inflicted) chronic attendance problem was not content with just copying the notes but made me explain each part. After school I heard her saying to a friend, “Guess what? I’m going to be an A-B Honor Roll student this quarter.” It’s the first time I’ve heard her commit to learning and improving and I can’t wait to see it.

After school I was struggling to get some online cheerleading orders to go through which means my cheer squad was practicing without me. I could hear them from outside my classroom and when I finally made it to practice, they said “We’ve done a LOT of cheers.” The vibes during the rest of the practice were awesome- they got super hyped but were determined to get their timing and motions correct while still having a great time.


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