You look good

As I started one of my calculus classes today, one boy quickly interrupted me:  “Mrs. Peterson, you look really good today.”

I couldn’t help but laugh.  “Well, thank you…”

Another boy chimed in: “Yeah, the way you have your hair…” (he then proceeded to attempt to mime putting your hair half back…or at least I think so).

At this point, the whole class was either laughing hysterically or blushing from embarrassment.  I guess you have to know the boys to know that they were being 100% sincere and kind.  That’s what I love about working with teenagers–they tell you things that adults (typically) wouldn’t say.  I love that when they’re impressed by something, they just say it.  I think–in general–we tend to lose that vulnerability more and more as we get older.

I would rather be generous with my compliments than stingy.  And my kids reminded me of that today.


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