Football Players

First, today was our teacher appreciation luncheon. The parents work together to host a lunch for the teachers. They brought in really great Mexican food, and it was scrumptious. I skipped a math club meeting (students ran it, and I hear they did fine) to go and eat and after about ten minutes of salty corn chips and lovely centerpieces, I could feel the tension in my shoulders go away.


I give an optional test once a semester that lets students replace an old test grade. It’s tomorrow, but the football team will be gone all weekend for a playoff game that’s 8 hours away. My dean asked if I’d be willing to give an alternate seating to the football players, which I’m fine with.

Almost all of them came. A number of them came early and wanted to work with me to study. They had specific questions and topics where they felt weak. I rarely see them all together, because they’re in different classes, and I was struck by how these particular young men are just delightful to be around. They’re among my most respectful, hard-working students. They’re interested in other people, they’re curious, they ask me how my day is going, and they’re mature. I have good kids over all, but I got to spend a couple of hours this afternoon with a particularly outstanding group of young men. Our football coach puts a lot of work into them, both on and off the field, and it shows.


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