Sweatpants and Binders

As first hour began today, I asked what homework questions the kids had.  One young lady raised her hand:  “This isn’t a math question.  I was just wondering—you always look so put-together, even though you’re pregnant.  How do you do it?”

My heart melted.  You can never tell a pregnant lady that she looks good too often, am I right?

“I change into sweatpants the moment I get home,” I replied.  That was clearly the correct answer, as the class laughed their approval.


I showed my calculus students what I lovingly refer to as the Peterson Diagram, which I created for ease in analyzing how f, f’, and f” are related.  They were lavish in their compliments, and kept telling me how helpful the diagram was.  “You need to publish this!”


I gave my kids in Intermediate Algebra who need the state test credit for Algebra I binders today so that they could organize their projects.  I heard one kid excitedly mutter, “Now I feel like a real college student.”  Sometimes I forget how little it takes to remind them of their worth.


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