Weekly Wrap Up

Somehow I let the week pass me by without posting my daily good things. I don’t want to give up my habit so I’m going to try to catch up!

Monday: Four students were absent Friday on a field trip. I pulled them to the back table to reteach the lesson while the rest of the class were working on a handout. One of my students who finished early came and got my answer key and was going around checking students’ answers and answering questions while I worked with the absent students.

Tuesday:  I can’t remember a specific thing from school that day but it was great to lay in bed, watch TV, and fall asleep early on a school night.

Wednesday: Veteran’s Day and no school. I slept in and caught up on some work that I had been procrastinating for weeks. It was a great relief to not have that lingering over me anymore.

Thursday: My Student Council held our first ever chili supper movie night fundraiser. Earlier in the week I was STRESSED because only 35 people had signed up to come. By Thursday that number had doubled to 70. When all was said and done, over 130 people showed up! I got a lot of good compliments. We did that instead of selling decorated pumpkins and made about 2.5 times the profit we normally make. One of the movies skipped even though it was brand new and a sound system went out but those were not problems I could predict or control. I count it a big success

Friday: I’ve noticed in my Geometry classes especially that some early finishers have been walking around and helping other students on their own. Little cuties.


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