I always try to put stickers on students’ quizzes and tests if they earn an A.  As I handed back Friday’s PreCalc test to the kids today, many started exclaiming how happy they were for the sticker (this was the first one for several of them).  A few of them were lucky enough to get some of my 3D cat stickers.  They went BERSERK over these.  I heard one girl say, “We are getting way too excited over these stickers.”  Her friend quickly retorted, “Well, I haven’t gotten stickers since elementary school!”

And that’s when I decided I needed to up my sticker game.  Time to toss out the boring ones and invest in some more…exciting stickers.


My Intermediate Algebra class spent most of the hour in the computer lab today, working on their semester projects.  As they were getting ready to head back to the classroom, I told one of the students that she had left her folder by her computer.  She went over to her computer and grabbed her folder.  Her friend said, “Um…How about a thank you for my teacher?!”

I love it when they (1) Hold each other accountable to a higher standard of manners and (2) Stick up for their teacher. 😉


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