Website Success 

My district started what I think is a pretty cool annual PD day last year at the beginning of the school year. They asked us teachers to submit ideas for sessions we would want to lead and then they paid us to present those sessions to our peers.

The day consists of three two-hour sessions. Everyone gets a catalogue well in advance of all the sessions that are being offered so they can plan and register accordingly.

This past August I led a session on creating classroom websites. I thought it went ok, but I honestly felt like I lost several people. I often leave sessions like that thinking, “Yeah…there’s a reason a teach teenagers and not adults.” I’m just way better with kids.

Anyway, today in our faculty meeting I was given our traveling Bright Idea Award!

The teacher who received it last time had attended my session in August. He said he had been wanting to create a website for a few years now, and he uses the website he created in my session on a daily basis. I believe he said his kids have visited it over 2500 times!

It was really cool to hear that someone did get something useful out of the session, and that I could help a fellow teacher and other students.

Now I just have to figure out whom to give it to next…


I should add that some of my kids were much less impressed with me. They asked me what I did to get the award.

“I helped some teachers make classroom websites,” I told them.

“That’s ALL you did and you got a TROPHY?!”

Like I said. Not impressed. 😂





2 thoughts on “Website Success 

  1. How soon must you pass it along? (And do you know how this tradition started? I like it, and may suggest it to our college pres.)

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