I was working in my office at 7ish and two students who I taught last year came by. They asked me a good question about antiderivatives, and I had to come up with an interesting way to get them to see how they worked graphically. What was nice is that they were patient while I thought things through, and I came up with a pretty awesome way to get them to organize their information and think through everything. I was pretty proud, and they seemed to really grok it. (They even took pictures of the notes and were going to share them with others in their FB class group.)


Today I had a great meeting with a student who had never really learned how to study math before in a systematic way. And the student was totally open to everything I was saying, so I was psyched.


Today was my “hell day” of the rotational cycle, but my lunch meeting was cancelled so I had lots of found free time to do some work.


This year the other geometry teacher and I have been playing “Orbitals” with our students (don’t ask). Every so often they are given some data and they’re asked to figure out the pattern. No one has figured it out. Until today. When a student said they thought they had figured it out. And so I tested ’em, and the student clearly knows it. One student currently has solved “Orbitals!” A big day. I am curious how the other students will feel once they find out someone knows it…


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