The other math club sponsor and I took our group to the University of Oklahoma’s annual math competition. It was a great day. One of our teams took first (out of sixty teams), which makes three years in a row for Union! Another student took second on the Advanced Algebra Exam. The guest speaker they brought in to talk about mathemagics was also excellent. 

But the highlight of my day–hands down–was getting to see some of my students that graduated last year and now attend OU. I say this every year, but truly, the class of 2015 has such a special place in my heart. Many looped from precalc to calc  with me, and I got to see a love of math grow in each of their hearts and minds. 

It dawned on me when we arrived on campus that I still hadn’t told any of them that I was going to be there today. I quickly sent a text to the numbers I had in my phone. Within seconds, I had received replies that they would, of course, come by. I was elated. Seeing those faces again and getting hugs and hearing “Love you, Mrs. P”…what more could one want from a job?

I went into this career because I thought I could make a difference in the lives of young adults. But what I quickly learned was that they have so much more to teach me–their loyalty, kindness, and love cannot be matched. I’m better because of them. 

Love you and miss you, UHS Class of 2015. I’m so proud of you. I know you will make the world a better place. ❤


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