Student Leadership

Our house teamed up with another house (our biggest rival, actually) to have a potluck Thanksgiving dinner at lunch today. The Monday after break is a day students are a little forgetful, so only a few students brought food. There was some concern about it running out, and one of the boys pointed out to me that we should let the ladies go first. “Ok, go make it happen,” I told him. And he did! He went to the other upper-classmen guys in line and said, “Hey, we should let the girls go first.” And they all stepped out of line, and got the lowerclassmen to follow suit. I loved seeing chivalry happen without my prompting it or making a huge announcement.


Quizbowl practice was supposed to happen at lunch today, but I was at the aforementioned Thanksgiving lunch. I left a note on my board saying that I’d be back and we’d start then. When I walk into my room, students have set up the buzzers and are practicing on their own. Reading questions without me. Taking responsibility. It was great.


A dear former student with whom I’ve kept in touch dropped off her brothers at school this morning before going back to university. She stopped by my room and gave me a hug and we caught up.


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