Holiday Spirit

I have a handful of students that I can expect to be in my classroom during my planning hour every day.  They have either a virtual or a travel hour at the same time, so they just sit and work on math and ask me questions as need be.

Yesterday, one of these students asked if we could hang up lights all around the perimeter of the room.  Keep in my mind, my classroom already looks like this:

Christmas 2015

Notice that there are already lights around the SMART Board.

So I told her what I always tell kids when I don’t want to put any more work into something: “Sure–if you do it all.”

I thought this would dissuade her.

Rookie mistake.

Today she immediately asked for measuring tape and then proceeded to stare at the ceiling.  “How am I going to measure this?!” she asked her friends.  They were as lost as she was.  “How do we get all the way up there without a ladder?”

I sat behind my desk, trying not to pee my pants as they wrestled with the idea some more.

I finally offered, “Guys, can’t you just measure the perimeter of the room…?”

They stared at me in awe.  Seriously, they looked at me like I was some kind of genius.   “And THAT’S why we have teachers!” one of them said.

And this, folks, is the real reason I teach.  Because students make you feel smarter than you really are… 😉

I’m curious to see if this little plan of theirs comes to fruition.  I shall keep you posted if it does…


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