Play is good for us all

Remember the girl that wanted to put lights all around my room? Today she did just that: she brought her own lights and methodically strung them around the classroom during my planning period. It looks completely magical in my room. 


We played polar battleship today in precalc. I absolutely love this game because I force my kids to use both positive and negative values for r and theta…so it becomes quite the mind bender and they end up getting really quite good at plotting polar coordinates. 

I know we have had a fun day when all my students say bye to me at the end of the hour. It’s hard to explain, but other teachers will understand. When teenagers leave your classroom with an energetic, “Bye, Mrs. Peterson!” you know you did something right that day. 

The best part of the game for me was that I got to sit next to one of my new students and help him figure out exactly what we were doing. This student came to our district about a month ago, and I had been feeling recently that I hadn’t given him the attention he deserved. I can’t imagine moving states and schools in the middle of the year like this. And, as much as I adore our school, it is big. And it would be intimidating to come in mid-year.

All this to say, I knew I needed to be more intentional about making sure this student felt welcomed and wanted and respected.  So, getting to sit beside him today and just play a math game was perfect. It was exactly the window of opportunity I had been hoping for. 


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