We built rockets today in precalc. In the past, I’ve been pretty strict about how the students should build them. But this year I gave them a lot more freedom and the rockets turned out AWESOME (I also had about twenty minutes to kill so I told them there would be a prize for the best decorated rocket…oh how motivating this one sentence was)!

There were several themed rockets: a troll, a crayon, a Christmas tree, A CAT. Not sure how well they’ll fly tomorrow, but they look way cooler than any of the other rockets my students have created in the past. I love it when my kids impress me with their creativity. 


One of my students gave me an early Christmas gift. It was wrapped so beautifully I had to take a picture:  

It was filled with pampering goodies like bath bombs and lotions. I will now smell amazing. 


My co-teacher is going through a family crisis right now and needed to go home for the remaining of the semester. As I explained to our Intermediate Algebra class what was going on, they were incredibly sympathetic. I also told them I’d need even more patience from them since I would be the only teacher available to answer questions and check answers. They were wonderful today. They worked well and were clearly trying to make my life as easy as possible. I was so very thankful. 


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