I had twenty kids show up to my room today during lunch for a calculus review session.  You know you teach some amazing kids when they’re willing to sacrifice their [off-campus] lunch to make sure they’re prepared for an upcoming test.


My co-teacher for Intermediate Algebra is on leave due to a family emergency.  Today my kids made cards for her and her family after they finished the day’s assignment.  They worked intently:  some throwing their energy into making incredibly creative cards; others choosing to pour out their hearts in the form of only words.

One kid in particular really made me proud.

He came up to me with about a paragraph written.  He asked me to please read through it and give him suggestions so that he could write more.

“It’s not long enough yet.” (Let’s keep in mind this is a teenage boy whose first language is not English.)

“Ok, how about talking about how helpful she is in class?” I offered.

He nodded pensively.  “Yeah…I can definitely do that.”

My eyes literally watered up.

A few minutes later, he came back with another paragraph but still insisted it wasn’t long enough.

“What else can I write to her?”

“How about how kind she is?”

“Yeah, yeah!  That’s good.  I can do that.”

At the end of it all, he had a full page written.  It has grammar mistakes and spelling errors galore.  But they’re completely overshadowed by his message of love, kindness, and sincerity.

I love these kids.  When people complain about “teenagers these days” I can’t help but point to examples like this.  There’s just so much goodness in them.


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