New York Stock Exchange

Yesterday I gave my precalc kids a study guide for their 9 Weeks Test; their only homework was to create a question like one from the review but make it multiple choice and then submit their answer through a Google Form. 

Today in class, they traded problems, working their classmates’ questions. 

For a moment, it was rather peaceful. And I thought, “Well, maybe I can just sit at my desk and grade for once while they work like little angels…”

Not so fast, Peterson. 

Within minutes, my classroom had turned into the New York Stock Exchange. “Who has #13?! I need #13!” “Anyone want to trade? I have #26!”

It was like some twisted version of the game Pit. 

It started to stress me out. I wanted to tell them, “Can you please do this a little more quietly?”

And then I realized–they do not need to be quieter. They are having a fun time doing math together. And that’s all I could ever really want. 

It’s taken me a while to recognize that just because I’m a quiet person doesn’t mean my classroom always needs to be quiet: there’s a place for rowdiness in education…in moderation. 😉


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