A voice

One of my students who came back from college today to visit told me she switched her major to mathematics…so that she can be a high school calculus teacher.

I don’t often voice my concerns over the struggles we face as Oklahoma public educators.  It’s difficult for me to know how exactly I can be of help in the overall conversation and not just complain.

But maybe this can be my small contribution to the dialogue:  maybe I can teach in such a way that gets the next generation to consider one of two options:

  1. That they could be teachers, too.  Oh that I could have such an impact that students would want to do what I do on a daily basis. It’s a lofty goal. But “Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you’ll fall among the stars,” right?
  2. That they could be a voice for public education; that they would understand that teaching is the only profession that makes all other professions possible; and that they would come to the conclusion that the general public needs to start defending educators. 

The entire view of the teaching profession needs to shift.  But as much as I can say that, my words aren’t going to change much of anything.  What I can do is bring honor to my profession, to my colleagues, and to my past teachers by showing my students and their parents that we teachers are always going to fight for their education.  We’re always going to care (even when that means caring more than they do).  We’re always going to hold them to a high standard.  And we’re always going to work so that whatever they want to do or be in life…they can accomplish. 

Bottom line: we’re working our tails off for you, kids. And we’re so happy and honored to do so. Now, help public education by joining with us in whatever way you can. We’re counting on your voice. 


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