The day before finals…

Today was the last day before finals, so I took some time with each of my classes to discuss what next semester would look like (especially in regards to my maternity leave). When I finished my monologue, I asked what questions they had for me. I wasn’t quite sure what they’d say (or if they’d say anything at all), but–once again–their kindness overwhelmed me. They asked things like:

“When do we get to meet the baby?”

“Will you bring him to campus?”

“Can you please send a picture every day?”

“But you ARE coming back, right?”

In a moment where they could have been totally selfish (and no one would have blamed them), they instead practiced such selflessness. Yes, they want their teacher back, but they have all been so incredibly understanding throughout this pregnancy. And today they proved that this understanding nature will continue on even while I’m gone for a few weeks. 


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