Numb3rs to the Rescue

I was pretty sure my Intermediate Algebra class would not need the full two hours allotted for finals today.  I told them that once every one finished, we could watch an episode of Numb3rs.  They did not seem too interested.  No one had actually seen an episode before, but the title did not intrigue them in the least…

I asked them if I had shown them the episode “Prime Suspect,” to which they were quick to point out that we’ve never watched anything in our class.  😉

I turned on the episode and told them they could watch if they wanted to.  One by one, I saw them get more and more interested in the show.

“So, this Riemann Hypothesis thing…is it real, Mrs. Peterson?”

“Has it been solved?”

“Have you tried to solve it?”

I told them I very much hope it’s not solvable as our internet security depends largely on the unpredictability of prime numbers at present.

Numb3rs for the win.


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