Two Good Things

Now that the holidays are here I have a few more minutes to breathe and yesterday I went bowling with my mom, my 6 year old girl and my 12 year old boy. For the first time ever, my boy beat me at bowling. As much a comment on my bowling ability as his, I know, but it was pretty cool to see how focused he became when he realized that this was a real possibility. When his mom came home from work and asked him how his day went, the very first thing he said was that he beat me at bowling. I imagine this will happen with greater frequency…


On Saturday night, I went to a holiday party at my wife’s place of work and my mom – here from Florida for the holiday – stayed in our dorm with our kiddos. While I was at the party, my phone rang and it was a call from our director of resident life here at school. I was worried that this meant that something went wrong on campus. I snuck out to answer the phone and he was calling to check in on my mom. There was a  fire alarm in the dorm where her guest room is – not the dorm where my family lives. He was concerned that he did not see my mom leave the building when the fire alarm went off. I was so touched by this gesture and my mom was as well. It is a good thing when people are thoughtful and look out for each other.


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