A Little Help From My Friends

So, tomorrow at 8 AM I get to face some students again. As with most years, I had ambitious planning and grading plans for the long winter break. As with every year, I did not reach those goals. I am planned for a couple of weeks with Geometry as I shared over at my blog (mrdardy.wordpress.com) however, my AP Calculus BC class and my Discrete Math class did not get the same sort of attention to detail. What’s a boy to do? Why, reach out into the void and call for help, of course! I sent out a plea to my MtBoS colleagues to ask for ideas about parametric equations and got a handful of great ideas (thanks Jen, Carmel, and Susan) and I reached out to my favorite baseball bloggers for ideas about discussing voting systems and their shortcomings. In just a few minutes one of the authors of http://www.faithandfearinflushing.com responded with a call out for my answer. A number of people I have never interacted with before (thanks Mark, Greg, and Gabriel) with examples of recent major league baseball awards won by people who did not wing he most first place votes. I have a handful of great exercises and examples to discuss with my classes this week and my students will be better off because of the ideas and energy of people who have never even met them – a handful who have never me me either! I keep flashing back to Dan Meyer’s TED talk where he talked about what a great time it is to be a math teacher. True fact, for sure.



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