I didn’t fall asleep in class!

Okay, so this is our first day back after winter break. I woke up with my eyelids wanting to stay shut, and at points when I was getting ready, they were tearing up. Not from sadness (though I was distraught that break was over and school was back in session), but from sheer exhaustion. It’s hard to wake up at 6:20am when you’re used to sleeping until 8 or 9 (or even 10!) during break.

But somehow — maybe it was the adrenaline from being in front of kids — I was able to stay energized throughout the day. My classes went pretty well, I met a new student who was joining my class, I was able to get some photocopying done, and I even planned for tomorrow. And it’s only 4:45pm. This is unheard of!

Two former students also stopped by to say hello, which was a nice surprise.

So actually, even though I was tired — and incredibly nervous about returning to school and seeing if I remembered how to teach — today was a pretty darn good day.


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