You Gotta Be…

Today I had two awesome individual meetings with students. And then after school, two former students came by to visit… one who was doing CS and Econ while having fun acting (he acted in high school), and another one who was doing Game Design and Finance. Both seemed so supremely happy and excited with their lives. And that made me so happy.

I also got to have a short but engaging conversation about popular math books we love (and hate) with some colleagues in the math office. And at one point, I put on the following song (a blast from our pasts) and a couple of us got into singing along! Huzzah!



2 thoughts on “You Gotta Be…

    • I don’t have the energy to do that because I’ve read so many popular math books… but here is a list of books I’m considering having one of my math classes reading for our ongoing book club. Some of which I’ve read, some of which I haven’t (but want to read)! Perhaps you’ll find some good things in there?

      The ones I’ve read on this list I can recommend. I’ll put a * next to them.

      *Edwin Abbott’s Flatland [here]

      David Foster Wallace’s Everything And More: A Compact History of Infinity [here]

      *Sanjoy Mahajan’s Street-Fighting Mathematics [here]

      *G. Polya’s How to Solve It [here]

      *Roger B. Nelson’s Proof Without Words [here][here]

      Amir Alexander’s Infinitessimal [here]

      *Charles Seife’s Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea [here]

      *G.H. Hardy’s A Mathematician’s Apology [here]

      *David Leavitt’s The Indian Clerk [here]

      *Steven Strogatz’s The Calculus of Friendship [here]

      *Edward Frenkel, Love and Math [here]

      *Cedric Villani, Birth of a Theorem [here]

      *Paul Hoffman, The Man Who Loved Only Numbers [here]

      *Robert Kanigel, The Man Who Knew Infinity [here]

      *James Gleick, Chaos [here]

      *Paul Lockhart, Measurement [here]

      *Yoko Ogawa, The Housekeeper and the Professor [here]

      Siobhan Roberts, Genius at Play: The Curious Mind of John Horton Conway [here]

      Mario Livio, Is God A Mathematician? [here]

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