A hug

One good thing from each of my classes…

In precalc I asked my students to figure out a piece wise equation that would fit this graph:

I began to say, “You may want to start by…” but my voice was quickly drowned out by thirty students excitedly talking to those around them about possible solutions. 

You live for moments like that as a teacher. Moments where kids are so excited about learning that they just take over. 


In calc one of my students said that this was my last full week with them before my due date. 


“Yes.” She pulled out a calendar and showed me that next week the kids are off due to PD; the week after that is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; and the week after that is my due date. 

How precious that she’s keeping track. Even better than I am.


In Intermediate Algebra I had a kid tell me I looked really good today. At thirty-seven weeks pregnant, I could have hugged that boy’s neck so tight his eyeballs would have popped out. I restrained myself. 

Also, another kid was clearly having a bad day. He’s usually all smiles but I could get him to do hardly anything today. I don’t know if it was the wisest move, but I decided to just let him have a while to himself. He did finish his work, but I was helping others, so I’m not convinced it was his own work. 

Regardless, at the end of class, I asked (again) if there was anything I could do. 

He shook his solemn little head no. 

“Can I give you a hug?”

He laughed. Finally! A smile! And said, “Sure, Mrs. P.”

I don’t know what these kids are going through. Sometimes they’re overdramatic; other times they’re not nearly dramatic enough. What I do know is that they need to know–beyond a shadow of a doubt–that they are the reason I do what I do. 


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