Yesterday (Friday), we had math club, and we were working on a #25 problem from an old AMC competition. It involved a trapezoid, and a particular hexagon within that trapezoid. The teachers sort of banded together to work on it while the kids worked. And with some awesome assists and insights, we actually ended up solving it. I almost never get #25 problems on the AMC, so it was nice that with our powers combined, we could! It felt so awesome when we did figure it out. I wanted to yell with excitement!



In geometry, kids were working on some “word puzzles” that Justin Lanier showed me — that act as an analogy to proof. And there were two that were impossible. One student (whose birthday it was! so we sang to him our birthday song!) worked on proving they were impossible. I don’t think his proofs were airtight, but I think he hit upon a key idea to show that they were impossible. I liked seeing that ingenuity!

Also in geometry, some kids were doing some good deep thinking. And while I was getting a bit annoyed at how some kids were giving up when they saw a regular 7-gon was composed of 900/7 degree angles, and shut down instead of forging forward, most kids were doing some good work striving forward!


I have a few kids who say “thank you” to me at the end of every single class. It’s awesome. And I’ve forgotten to really appreciate it. But it happened today (again), and I just remembered what a good thing that is, and how I can’t take that for granted. It’s special.


I met with a student who had been absent from my multivariable calculus class, and we were working on some tough stuff to have missed. But I felt pretty good when we were done, because I felt I was able to explain some of this stuff better than I have previously. That felt good.


After school today, I went to get a drink with a friend (who works at my school) who I hadn’t seen since winter break! I loved catching up. That was definitely¬†the highlight of my day. Lots of unwinding.



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