Coloring Book

My precalculus kids do this open-ended mini math exploration project which involves four mini-explorations. And today they turned in some of them. One of my students told me she had done the “coloring book” option, saying that she got the math coloring book for Christmas. Of course that was so awesome.


After school, we met in our mini-professional development groups (mine is a math strand, talking about gaining a vertical understanding of our math curriculum from K-12), and we had a fascinating talk about when kids make the jump from “discrete” to “continuous” — and it made me realize how much more rich and interesting and deep and philosophical we can make it. Because the idea of “continuity” is just weird and awesome, and totally grapple-able. And you can’t understand — not truly — numbers like \pi and \sqrt{2} without that idea. It was fun to think about.

We also might plan an “all school” math problem that spans K-12!


During lunch, one of my students skipped a meeting with me. Which normally: grrrrr. But it freed up some time, and I got to chill for a bit, and even play Lost Legacy with two of my colleagues.



4 thoughts on “Coloring Book

  1. Five Triangles, which you mention on your explore math site, is now private.

    I love your site and am thinking about using it with my precalculus students. I noticed one item that applies only to your school (contests), but just about all the rest looks like it could apply anywhere.

    • Hihi, I’m so sad about Five Triangles. I am leaving it on the site in hopes that one day it will come back. 🙂
      I changed some of the language so you can use the site now — it is not “me” specific! Hopefully you’ll get some awesome results. As an FYI, I let kids choose anything they are interested in investigating, and say this is the site where they can get some ideas if none are coming to them.

      • Dear Sam, I feel the same way about Five Triangles. When I wrote my comment, I considered asking you to change the site, but felt that was way too much to ask. I was going to use it as it was. Thank you so much for making that change. If I think of anything to add, would you like suggestions?

  2. Also, I love the squares game. I posted about it on facebook, and my post is being shared. I am stuck on level 16. (And so is my friend, Paul.)

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