Feel good

One of my PreCalc students from last year who is now a senior came by to say hi today during my planning period.  “I just wanted to see how you were doing,” he informed me.  (The amount of care the kids have had for me this year is unreal.)  We started talking about classes, which somehow turned into a conversation about dreams, which lead to discussing time travel…?

And by “discussing” I mean I was listening and he was telling.  It was fascinating, but completely random.  He had me and the other students in the room rolling.  Nothing he said made any scientific sense, but it was great fiction.  We had no idea where he was going with any of it.

I finally got to ask him about his plans for next year/for the future in general.  We talked about that for a little while.

Before he left he said, “I need to come in here and talk to you more often about my life.  You always make me feel good.”

Sweet boy.  I want to have that kindness to everyone–always to make them feel good.


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