A step forward

This morning, I set up a meeting with my department chair to get advice on how I can make my advanced biology course better. I’ve had many ideas floating around, but sitting down with him was valuable because he was able to take those ideas and help me figure out ways to actually implement them. I’m so thankful that I’m at a school where my department chair is an awesome professional resource, and also willing to spend an entire period of his free time to help me. I felt supported and as if my school was truly invested in my development as a teacher- I’m lucky! I also felt that the level of questions I had for him reflected my growth as a new teacher. He has seen me from essentially my first year of teaching to now, having my own elective. It was pretty exciting!

I also overheard a group of students talking to each other during my standard biology course today (these are juniors). They were running through classes they’d like to take as seniors, and a good number of them said they wanted to take my advanced biology elective! This meant a lot to me, as the main reason I’ve been feeling blah the past few days is that I felt that my course was subpar (this is the first time I’ve designed a course all by myself, especially one that is college-level). I feel energized again and can’t wait to spend time revamping the elective!



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