Coffee and conversations 

One of my best friends brought me Starbucks during my plan today! I forgot how good a mid-day coffee date is for the heart and soul. Even if it’s decaf. 😉 Thanks, Sarah. ❤


One of my precalc kids asked me very bluntly what I like about teaching. She had been thinking about becoming a teacher for years, and now she’s contemplating secondary math (woot woot!) in particular. The conversation was fairly weighty–what kinds of classes she would need to take, what she could expect to teach in the beginning, what her salary would be (Oklahoma, you gotta get your rear in gear). It was a great conversation–open and honest, yet (I think) still positive. The education profession would be truly honored to have this young lady join its ranks. 


I heard my name in the middle of calc class today while I was helping some students. I turned to ask what they were saying about me. A boy sheepishly said, “We were just saying how good you are about seeing if we need help. You ask us every single day.”

This made my heart soar. I’ve written before about when I was a TA in grad school, the head of the math department got on to us for assuming that students in the math lab would come to us if they had questions. Ever since that speech, I’ve done my best to be the one that initiates contact. It was really encouraging to hear that–years later–my students  appreciate it. 


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