Today was a fun and relaxed day in precalc. I started by passing around a calendar to have the kids vote on when our baby boy would make his debut (we watched a cat video while the calendar circulated, obviously). The students were fairly invested. 



Then I got to talk to them about their project for this quarter, Exploring Mathematics!, which I adapted shamelessly from the fabulous Sam Shah. I love this project because it is designed to really let the students take the reins and  explore pretty much anything they want as it relates to mathematics. 
One idea I gave them was reading a chapter from Steven Strogatz’s The Joy of x, of which I have class set, and then summarizing what they learned, what they still had questions over, etc. I took a couple copies out of my cabinet to let kids scan them. Before I knew it, I had a list of several students who had asked to loan one out. “What if I read the whole book?” one girl asked. 

“I’d like that very much,” I told her. 

Another kid: “Math can help me with my dating life?! Alright!”

Oh man. Never a dull moment. 

I’m looking forward to being impressed by their creativity. 


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