I have private social media accounts for obvious reasons, but my husband does not. A few of my students have figured this out and follow him on Twitter, which I think is both hysterical and wonderful. Last night, this exchange took place:

I don’t know what was unclear about that, but several students came in to class today, thoroughly confused to see me still pregnant. “I thought you had your baby!”

Me, looking at my ever-increasing belly: “Nope, not to my knowledge…”

“But Twitter…”

It made me feel very loved, as strange as that may sound. 


This excitement grew quickly. A student asked if they could come see me during my leave. I said, “Of course!” thinking she meant–you know–two or three weeks after the baby gets here. 


“We can?! What hospital??”


I’ve been asked repeatedly to send a text through Remind once Jonas arrives. Some girls were talking about what the text should say, exactly (because just sending a picture of him wouldn’t be sufficient…?). One of them said, “Just text, ‘Chain Rule is complete.'” I love it when their math nerdiness takes over. 



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