Last day 

I have so many feelings going on inside me right now both physically and emotionally. In terms of my health, this has been a very easy pregnancy, and I am so thankful for that. I’m well aware of the physical angst many women endure for nine months; my hats off to you. Truly.  However, the last three days have been exhausting. I walk like a ninety-year-old: slowly and with the help of anything I can grab on to. My back feels like it’s breaking. I know it’s temporary, but it’s still painful. 

Then there’s the bigger side of things: the emotional side. Today was my last day with my kids until around spring break. They made it hard to say goodbye–even though I know I’ll be back sooner than I’ll be ready for (I’m hoping this is the hormones speaking?). One girl brought me a bagel and cream cheese just as I was thinking how hungry I was (“Anyone who makes it past her due date deserves a bagel…”); another girl brought me a piece of art she painted for the nursery; others asked if they could take a picture with me. 

Probably the cutest thing that happened was in Intermediate Algebra though. There’s a group of boys that loves to play hangman if they finish early. They usually list off famous basketball players. This time, the one in charge said the clue was “someone in the room,” and he had five spaces for the first name and eight spaces for the last name. The kids went straight to guessing names; they didn’t even bother guessing letters.

Finally, someone asked, “You’re sure they’re in the classroom right now?” The kid looked at me, hesitated for just a second, and then smiled the smile that I’ve grown to adore. “Yeah…I’m sure.”

I looked at the board and recounted the letters. “I know who it is.”

One of the other kids caught on, too: “It’s Jonas Peterson!”

Sweetest. Ever. 

My one good thing is that I have a job that’s hard to say bye to: even in the midst of incredible joy and even if only temporarily. Because these kids have my heart. They care. They love. They invest. 

My son is so very lucky to have them as role models. 


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