Pile of Good Things

Teaching congruent triangles proofs is one of my favorite units and it gets better and better each year. I think this class has taken to it the best.


Yesterday I took a team of students to the annual WYSE competition at our local community college. The students definitely know how to get to my heart: “Ms. Miller, you’re definitely the cutest coach here”. Lol


Sometimes I still think I should have been a guidance counselor. I just really enjoy talking to students and getting to know them. I like to befriend the ‘bad’ ones or the ‘wild’ ones so I can develop positive relationships with them. I love watching students open up about their lives, especially when they choose to confide me. I like to make jokes and listen to them laugh. I like to surprise them with what I say and how I react. I like to have little inside jokes.

Math is just a disguise so I can spend my days learning about my students.


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