My Favorite Monday

This was probably one of the best Monday’s I’ve had all year.

In trig, today was our unit circle project day and the students did awesome! We had cake, mocha fudge brownies, dirt pie, sugar cookie cake, straws, pipe cleaners, plastic plates, foam, and more! See my blog post for actual pictures.

I love my new plastic paper holders from the Dollar Tree! Look how neat and organized my copy paper looks.


I was also feeling pretty clever for the date I wrote.


After school we had a Student Council meeting to put together our Valentine packages and the students worked well and we got a lot accomplished. I fed them hot dogs and chips and they were very polite and thankful. That made me pretty happy.

When it was time to go home they all helped clean up and put things back the way I like them. They know how I like my classroom.

All the hours in between my stories just seemed to fly by today. I thought I would be exhausted after such a long day but I’m feeling pretty okay.

Happy Monday!






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