Hodge Podge

“Ms. Miller, if this is what your classroom is like, what is your house like? Someone told me that you have all your clothes in your closet separated by color.”

Yes, that’s actually true and I also have matching hangers. It’s fun to watch students be amazed by things that seem normal to you….you know, kind of like teaching math.

I had planned a review game for Algebra II today and was pleasantly surprised to see that they didn’t really need it.

I got caught up with a lot of little jobs that were nagging me today and that feels nice.

I had a lot of laughs with my second hour and eighth hour classes today. My eighth hour class is my seniors and they talk nonstop like we are friends and I have to stop them to actually do math. My second hour are juniors and are really starting to get to the same level of openness and familiarity that my seniors have…which gives me something to look forward to for next year.

But if we have one more day where it snows all day and we don’t get out of school, I just might go crazy.



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