Time to Study

Calculus II (independent study – 2 students!) has a test on Taylor series the next time I see them. We reviewed today. One of the students has been in growing distress the entire unit. She walked in every day and told me, “I tried the homework, and I did some of it, but I didn’t even know where to start with the rest! It made sense in class, but it didn’t when I looked at the homework!”

This girl has a great grasp of mathematics, has a flexible mind, has a lot of resources, and knows how to study. She could figure it out, but she hasn’t yet chosen to study.

In the middle of today’s review, she realized that. “I guess I’m just going to have to study.”

I could have cheered – she reached this conclusion on her own! Without me saying anything!

“You haven’t had to do that in a while,” I noted.

“Yeah. I should probably get my act together before college.”

And then she settled down and worked for the first time in weeks. She stayed after school and kept working and asking questions while I graded papers. She has plenty more studying to do at home, but she was calm and confident when she left. It was awesome to see her turn it around without any prompting from me. She’s gonna be just fine in college.


On more frivolous notes, I played classical music in class today. A piece came on Pandora that I’d never heard before, and it’s by one of my favorite composers. (It was Dvorak’s first symphony, if you’re curious. Any other classical music nerds out there?) New music is always a treat.

More frivolous still, I wore a new dress today that was twirly, more comfortable than my pajamas, and generated a ton of compliments. It was not an important thing, but it made me smile a lot. Although I did resist the urge to actually twirl in class. That would be unprofessional or something – right?



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