Math is universal

Today is the day before Spring Break starts (YAY!!) and my geometry class had a few minutes to relax before dismissal.  One student was hard at work studying something and I asked “whacha doing?”  Background….he is from Japan and his father’s job brought them here to MS, but only for a year.  Turns out while I will be on the beach, he will be taking a very high stakes test that pretty much determines his academic future.  When I saw he was working on math I asked if he needed help.  The notes he was studying from were all in Japanese characters but mixed in was this:

Screen Shot 2016-03-04 at 3.40.06 PM

I mean, I KNOW that math is the same…..and that’s pretty cool.  But I’ve never SEEN that math is the same.  And that was REALLY COOL.  Despite my obvious inability to read Japanese, we were able to work through his pages together because the math was there.  And obvious.  Graphs of secant lines and tangent lines.  Problems asking for the derivative at a point…..just like we do in calculus class.  Wowza.


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