The child that warms my heart…

I love that moment when I finally realize, “Wow…I really like and care for this child.” On some level I like to think I care and like [most] of my students..but there are a few students that time and time again remind me that my decision to become a teacher are worth it. Enter A, the child that warms my heart whenever I see her now. I did not know what to make of her when we first started out the year. She took forever to complete everything because she seemed to day dream. Asked questions Yelled questions/statements across the room when she was confused and did not understand the task. She needed (needs) consistent and immediate feedback. She also missed a lot of school due to some personal and medical issues at the beginning of the year, so it took me a while to learn how insightful and intelligent she was. She’s extremely perceptive and really comfortable in her skin. She recognizes she is different than other students, yet she embraces people calling her weird (which is a really tough thing to embrace as a middle school-er) because, “Being normal is boring, I rather be extraordinary.”  As I write this, she’s out this week recovering from a minor surgery, but she has texted and emailed me updates, informed me multiple times she misses me and the school and can’t wait to be back. She’s trying her best to keep up with work and we’ve been going back and forth via email today. Even beyond that, it means a lot to hear that a student misses  you and can’t wait to be back. This comes to affirm that we’re doing something right in our classroom and school community, and that is a great feeling.

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