From Today (Friday)

I’ve been out for the past two days — sick as a dog. Luckily I was feeling better so I came to school today (Friday). I actually missed our before school Mu Alpha Theta (math honor society) induction ceremony, but it was worth it to get that extra bit of sleep to recover.

The few good things that happened today.


I looked at my desk and got a thank you present from a student for writing her recommendation letter for college. She knows my love of candy, and so she got me the most beautiful candy box I’ve ever seen.


She also wrote me an awesome thank you note, which I’m copying here in case I ever lose it. This is for my “feel good folder”:

Mr. Shah,

I want to thank you for all the different ways you have supported me throughout the college process and my academic career. Through your love of learning, I have developed an interest in math that did not exist prior. You helped me to strengthen my love of interdisciplinary and often unconventional knowledge from the Explore Math projects and through your excitement. It has been so meaningful to have been taught by you, as the knowledge I gained from Adv. Pre-Calc transcend mathematical understanding. I am so grateful to have had you as a support this year and last year. Thanks you so much!

I’m dying!


In math club, it was a grand confluence of badness that meant that we only had a few members show up. But one of our leaders baked the most amazing Pi Pie — which was delectable as it was beautiful.



I taught one of my geometry classes today. It was a lesson I’ve been looking forward to teaching for a long time — because I developed the idea over the summer. (I blogged about it here, but I modified the last question based on feedback from @k8nowak and @bowenkerins and those modifications aren’t on the blogpost… but they helped make the sheet awesome.)

The start of class had students share their proofs that an inscribed angle (that is subtended by some arc of a circle) has a measure that is half the corresponding central angle. I had students present three different and ingenious methods, and they all were so lovely! It was awesome to see.

But the best part was having kids investigate “blermions” (see the linked post above). At the very end, when they saw all their data points combined, the gasps, and the “OMG THIS IS THE COOLEST THING EVER” were amazing. When all the kids in one group got up to hover around and admire one computer with their data plotted and their conclusion, I knew it was a total success. The whole point of the activity was to make the crossed chord theorem interesting. And boy did it work. Now we’ll see what happens in the next class when they try to prove it…



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