It is so rewarding…

So I gave my kids in Advanced Geometry a task to prove an inscribed angle conjecture — something they thought was true because of inductive evidence.

Inscribed Angle Conjecture

And then they — in groups — went up to the board to try to prove it. And one student in a particular group group — when they worked their way through the proof (after just a single hint) — said “Whoa, when you solve something like this, it feels so rewarding!”

Of course I melted because that’s what I want — instead of ho hum okay I’m done.


I got a thank you pie — on pi day — from a student for writing her college recommendation. And she told me that she found out on Saturday that [holy cow this is an awesome place] accepted her! Back to the pie… it is my favorite kind of pie. Momofuku crack pie. And it tasted delicious!







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