Last period

Last period I had one of my Advanced Geometry classes. Here is some context. It’s Friday today. It’s a 90 minute block. These kids are 9th graders. And it’s the last class before spring break. I was expecting a disaster.

Instead, I laid bare the situation, I told them what I expected from them, and we had an awesome and productive class. During it, we broke up the long block with a coin problem that our math club worked on a while ago. And kids minds were blown. And when two groups finished something earlier than others, I had them work on a proof of a theorem in our book that I thought was neat but that we weren’t going to get to. One student got obsessed and ended up figuring it out!

And 85 minutes into the class, because the kids were being awesome, I secretly told one student to dismiss the class 5 minuted early. She said “Really?” “Really.” And she did, and they left.


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